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Post Info TOPIC: What is everyone playing right now?


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What is everyone playing right now?

Football season is over  for the High School team I help coach, so I have a lot more time on my hands.  We had a better season, but very rough, 3 wins. Felt like a level 20 toon, fighting level 40's. biggrin Wife wants another baby...I am 39..LOL. So good for me for one aspect. 

Tell me what you guys are into right now.  Missing the old guild, wanting to kill things, and explore.

Myself, right now.  I am playing Champions, so ..so game.  Nice graphics.  Realy no community from what I have seen as of yet.

Hell, I got board with everything else.  SWG is just not the same, I get depressed when I play.  WAR...well, we know this one, problems, broken, people left, etc.
Beta Tested Fallen Earth, which was ok.  Something was just missing there, not sure what.

Signed up for Star Trek Online Beta, and SW:TOR Beta.  Hope to find out if I make at least one of these.


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Im still in SWG making the gimps cry LOLZ
 also i play BattleField 2142   name is FuBaNaToR i been using the tag =*AIR*=FuBaNaToR   as i like to fly the gunships and make the kiddys cry HAXOR!!!
also play Counter Strike Source in game name [WTF]-=★Gεñ.ƒûβãR★=-

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