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Lost Vale Tactics

While perusing the WAR forums I came across some interesting reading concerning LV. I'll copy paste the better points.

LV cleared in 1 hour 40 minutes


4 wipes on nkari with that time as-well


the circle damage is elemental based but will still hit you for around 2.4k  at resist cap


everyone needs to detaunt when the circle hits them, be on your toes and its tank n spank.

Having trouble with a Dungeon Boss?

Can't beat the Nurgling fool in Bile?

Butcher giving you a headache?

Anyone else cause you troubles?


2 Words: "revolting cauldron"


Learn to use your pocket items.  They are useful and they all have purpose.


Go ahead, flame me.  Tell me I am crazy...  Than get one and try it. 


And this seemed interesting.....


Has anyone found out the trick for the ingredients to put into the Buthcers Cauldron in Vale.


One time we went through there and people were putting things in there and we got a buff.

Everyone was leaving to the next boss and I was using my ingredients and a goblin boss popped outta the cauldron called Lucky Git Foogs, he dropped some boots when we killed him. 

Havent been able to duplicate it yet and get him to spawn. 

Anyone know the trick for him or any other extra bosses if there is any.

What I have heard...  Never tried it, as we have usually had it with Gnoblars by the time the Butcher is dead...


5 Gnoblar ears, pops the Gnoblar.


1 of each ingredient pops the buff.


There are 4 ingredients in total:

- Gorger Hair

- Sprite wings

- DarkPromise Flower

- Gnoblar Ears


All of which can be obtained in the right wing.


5 Gnoblar ears = Spawns Gnoblar (needs to be confirmed)

5 Sprite wings = ??

5 Darkpromise Flowers = ??

5 Gorger Hairs =  ??


I think, I am going to check this one out tonight...  and get back to you on this shortly.

(Have a guildmate that has tons of each in his inventory, and an Empty Vale to run through)

And for Tanks ......



For sure:

Menace - important to have this if you have heavy hitting DPS


For survivability:

Mixed Defenses

Criplling Strikes

Embrace the Winds

Piercing Repel (meh)


For AP regen:

Chaotic Advantage

Power of the Gods


I've used both Menace/Mixed Defenses/Crippling Strikes/Chaotic Advantage as well as Menace/Embrace the Winds/Power of the God/Piercing Repel. The first set is more for damage avoidance/prevention, the second for mitigation/reduction of damage.


The first tactic set provides plenty of AP as there is great synergy between Mixed Defenses (w/ Supression) and Chaotic Advantage. Your parry rate should stay relatively high and crippling strikes should periodically reduce your attacker's damage. This spec will come from dread/corruption, making abilities/auras in these lines more robust.If you run with melee dps, the STR aura will be beneficial. Also, your dreadful agony will help keep threat high since you'll have higher damage on each target.


The second tactic set will provide you AP while you twist auras and will allow your healers to consistently keep bigger heals on you. Piercing Repel's effect doesn't help a ton on its own, but mixed with Embrace the Winds, it should work about as effectively as the first set. This spec will come from corruption/discord, making abilities/auras in these lines more robust. A better resists aura will increase the damage of sorcs/magi and provide a better wounds debuff to your targets via Blast Wave. This also opens access to Quake for some AoE crowd control.


With either of these tactic sets, you should spec for opression in the corruption tree. When you use this ability, you gain nearly 1000 armor for 20 seconds and take 15% less damage for 10 seconds. This will significantly help the damage you take during boss encounters. For example, when you pop Opression and have your morale 3 (sprout carapace) active, you will reduce Gorak the ancients 3k-4k hits  down to 2k-2.5k - your healers will thank you.


If you don't have very good gear yet, I would recommend the first set and go with a crippling strikes build. You should avoid more damage all together in this build while protecting your team. As you (and your team) get more gear, start thinking about that second tactic set/spec. With the better gear, you should be able to absorb a little more damage than you could before and this set will let your casters take targets down quicker.




  1. Demolishing Strike will help mdps if you can pop this. Shouldn't have AP problems so don't bother with Inevitable Changing.
  2. Tzeentch's Amplification - far superior to shield wall and 5 seconds longer effect
  3. Sprout Carapace - A ton of armor/resists for the whole group for 30 seconds. No brainer.
  4. Immaculate Defense - Helps for burst damage, though sprout carapace or Tzeentch's Amplification have treated me better, with good healers.




Get your initiative to around 350 (or as close as you can get) and get some gear with crit reduction on it (i.e., Sentinel Helm, Harbingers Cloak). Keep your wounds around 1000, if they are close to this point, you should be fine. Toughness won't have a huge effect in dungeons, so don't worry too much about it. Your dps counts the least out of anyone else in your group, so don't worry too much about STR until you have better gear that you can play with.


Lastly, if you're choosing between different pieces of armor, choose pieces that have a needed ward before any stat bonuses. Then get your wounds/initiative to the values I recommended above. After you've met those and you have extra gear that you toy with, try to use the ones with higher armor values. High armor will significantly help you with all these bosses that have high armor penetration. Hence one of the reasons for Opression, Sprout Carapace, and the Harbinger's Cloak.

I'll try and post up some more stuff about endgame dungeons.

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