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Pocket items

Here are just some of the pocket items in the game.  I have listed the ones that have visual effects to them and have did a very brief description of what it does.  In case you are wonder about pocket items, usually once you unlock a pocket item you can find the unlock in the TOK under rewards tab and then in items.  To get the pocket items, or any items in TOK, you must go to the librarian at IC.  Once bought you can place it into the pocket slot in your character screen, with all your equiped gear.  After that you can drag it into your action bar and it can be used just like any other button, of course without any stats or purpose.  Pocket items are used only for visual, sound and text effects.  If any one finds anymore visual ones just keep adding to this post.  A good site for these are pwnsan.com.  There are also some cloaks in there as well.


Pelt of the Dark Young (cloak)
- Khurraak Might-Horns. Spawns on the road, on the S side of the (O) camp. He is with another non-named bestigor and attacks @ the Ch12 town. Kill him.
Regurgitated Trinket - Filthmiser @ 37, 16. A L21 champ Nurgling gives an unlock.  Just makes text.
Moldy Coin Purse - Rupert @ 40, 40. Kill this named zombie to unlock the item. Puff of green air visual.


Steamtrain Token
- All you have to do is avoid all the mobs on the way there and you might only have to kill one mob. In order to complete this unlock you will have to speak to a NPC Goblin named, “Foigak.” He can normally be found on a very small island at the fork of the river.  He has one level 22 Troll on the island with him.  The troll normally wanders around the small island if you want to wait or just kill him to complete the unlock.  Just speak to Foigak and you will receive the tome unlock “Miscreant Memories.”  Makes dust cloud visual.
Dark Light - Kill a level 27 champion mob in MountGunbad.  The name of the mob is Morgit da Waaagher.  Morgit is located in the Troll PQ area Redeye Stompin’ Grounds. Once you enter MountGundbad, head straight down the ramp to the left of Rally Master.  Go all the down until you reach the entrance of the PQ area Redeye Stompin’ Grounds.  Head into the PQ area and stay to your left.  Once you see the Boiling Cauldron look at your minimap.  Your minimap should show a little blue area in the south part of the map.  That is where Morgit da Waaagher is located.  After you kill Morgit you will receive the tome unlock “Night-time is the Right Time.”  Makes red smoke appear around you visual.

Barak Varr

Simpleton’s Guide to Runes
– Hidden scroll located in RVR zone by the postern door of the Keep next to a rock W of the door.  Makes a rune priest symbol under your character visual.

Chaos Wastes

of the Screamer (cloak) - 5, 25. Kill Vilemaw this L33 champ Screamer who roams across the water just SE of the Lonely Tower PQ.


Foul Scroll
– Hidden scroll located in RVR zone E of the W BO a few feet from a small dirt mound.  Makes a dust cloud visual.


Dark Polish
– Hidden scroll located in RVR zone NE of Keep next to a rock formation by the waterfall.  Makes a dark cloud visual.


ShroudCape (cloak) - 34, 25. Collect 5 Broken Wight Blade from Kulian Bonewarriors and Bonearchers in the Keep of Asavar Kul.
Hide of the Killing Frost (cloak) - 8, 44 . Near T3 (O) Ch10, kill a yeti champ on a mt along the road S of the (O) Ch10 town. It's on top of the first snowy mountain when the ground starts to change. It'll be on your left, if you're heading S and eagles are visible on the ledges. It unlocks Hide of Killing Frost. NOTE: Follow the road S past the first (O) camp as you enter from Ostland. As you pass the road leading up to PQ 11 watch out for the champ ogre Man eater, try to scale up the side of the mt here, on your left. Keep trying, eventually you'll get up there. 2 objectives can be found here. 1st one is the L21 yeti champ who is standing on the mt ridge above the main road here. 2nd are the large eggs you can pick. Collecting 5 of them will unlock a pocket item. NOTE: The mts are accessible via a ledge at 6.5, 44.5 and jumping across left near the Yhetee.

Marshes of Madness

Emergency Mushroom
– Hidden scroll located in RVR zone NW of the Keep on a mound of dirt next to a tree that runs along the wall.  Exploading green gas visual.

Mount Bloodhorn

Sprite Ale
– (D)3.5, 61. Run SW near the PQ "Sacred Grove", so if you see that you know you're in the right area. Kill Taresil, a L5-8 Hero mob. (O) 54.5, 28. Kill the named spite Taresil.  Makes green bubbles visual.


Sprawl of Spring (cloak)
- 7, 18. Sheen Gloomleaf. Go to the lake, find the named Dryad, kill it.
Grave Dust – (O) Start by getting a Jekil's Wedding Band off of the "Corpse of Jekil Behn" in Wolfenberg @ 48.5, 57.5, behind a house near where the land slopes down to the river. The ring goes in your regular, not quest, inventory. Then, all the way SE there are graves near the catacombs. Go to Hilde Behn's gravestone @ 12:00 p.m. (mid-day) SERVER TIME (type /time) where she will spawn very briefly. Click on her as you would a quest mob to complete the task and unlock the item: Grave Dust. http://www.wardb.com/item.aspx?id=8634#comments. NOTE: Confirmed complete @ 12:45pm GMT, so some wiggle room is given time-wise. Puff of dust visual.


Deathmaul Paw
- 58, 18. Kill Deadmaul (L36 champion bear) inside a cave.  Makes a slashing visual.
Mark of Tzentch – Hidden scroll located in RVR zone SW of N Keep in a destroyed building under a piece of wood (look for a fire on the floor and wood planks that make up a walkway to the fire, it is under the walkway)  Makes a blueish skull also raises from your character visual.
Gorducken – Kill either a Level 38 MOB (Scthetusk) located W of N Keep or kill Level 37 Champ (Bloodcharge) located further SW of N Keep.  Makes a fire looking visual.


Plumes of the Eye Killer (cloak)
- 59, 27.5. Head E and cross the road from the Ithilmar Tower PQ. You should see a small camp of ****atrice type mobs and toward the wall there will be a corpse that's clickable. Click it to receive an item and then kill Slashbeak, a L27 champ, to receive the unlock.


Filthy Hanky
- 5, 43. A Chest is guarded by 2 L29 champ guards. Opening the chest unlocks item: Barrel of Ale. NOTE: Acquiring item from a librarian may be bugged. You receive the item Filthy Hanky instead.  Makes green puff of smoke visual.


Barrel of Ale
  The barrel is located in the Dwarf Chapter 18 town.  The barrel is slightly west of the Career Trainer and Merchant.  After you click on the barrel, you will receive the tome unlock “X Marks the Spot.” Hard to get as Destruction.  Makes green bubble visual.

Troll Country

The Revolting Crock
- 54, 37 or 56, 23. The troll spawns under one of the two bridges. Kill it. Spits out green stuff.
Fear in a Bottle – Hidden scroll located in RVR zone N of the Keep in the bushes with 2 trees and 2 rocks next to it.  Makes aphantom Orc come screaming out of your character visual.
Hunter Master’s Pelt (cloak) - kill roughly 70 mobs named, “Bloodfog Wolf.” After you kill roughly 70 Bloodfog wolves, you will have to head to, “Kournos’ Encampment - Ostland Chapter 7 Chaos Camp.”  There you will have to talk to the Kill Collector named, “Tosha Schreiber.”  Complete the Kill Collector quest and you should receive a tome unlock named, “Picking up the Pieces.”  

West Praag

Putrid Flower
- You will have to kill a level 36 mob in order to complete this unlock.  The mob you will have to kill is named, Xavin’s Pride.  Xavin’s Pride is located in the north of the zone.  In that area there is a house with a little outhouse next to it.  Xavin should be to the west of that.  After you kill Xavin’s Pride, you will receive the tome unlock “Cutting Bonds”.  Cloud of pollen visual.

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Get the Pocket items each one has specific purpose. The "revolting crock" messes up bosses in Blood /Bile and Lost Vale.

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